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                No Province or Jurisdiction Selected  -  No Industry Selected

                Welcome to LabourWatch

                We believe that all employees in Canada should be able to easily access information about their rights and responsibilities when they want a union in their workplace as well as when employees want to be union-free..

                We are here with the support of National and Provincial Associations and Law Firms who want to ensure that Canadians are able to receive balanced information on the internet about labour relations. Learn more about and the Canadian LabourWatch Association in the About Us section of our site.

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                Canadian LabourWatch Association
                • Suite 205, 125A - 1030 Denman Street
                  Vancouver, BC V6G 2M6
                • Toll-free1 (888) 652-2687 (English / Anglais)
                Informed Employees | Informed Choices
                Federal or Province

                In most cases you will select the province where you work.

                However, select "Federal and Territories", if any of the following apply:

                • You live in Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Yukon.
                • You work as a federal civil servant anywhere in Canada.
                • You work in one of the following industries:
                  • airports or air transportation
                  • broadcasting - radio, television or cable television
                  • telecommunications
                  • banking
                  • fisheries (but only if your business relates to the protection and preservation of fisheries as a natural resource)
                  • shipping and navigation (including loading and unloading vessels)
                  • grain handling
                  • uranium mining and processing
                  • certain federal crown agencies
                • You work in one of the following industries AND (a) your activities connect one province to another OR (b) extend beyond the limit of one province:
                  • air transport
                  • canals
                  • ferries, tunnels and bridges
                  • highway transport of good or passengers
                  • railway transport of goods or passengers
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